Am I in ketosis?

I removed sugar and readily digestible carbohydrates from my diet over one year ago. I am reasonably good at logging information and my weight loss speaks to successfully entering and staying in a state of ketosis, the body’s fat burning mode.  After reading Moore and Westman’s Keto Clarity I learned that inexpensive ketone monitoring devices exist.  One such device is the Abbott Precision Neo.  The device measures ketones and glucose.  Interestingly the device is free (it was at a local London Drugs, it is over-the-counter) if you commit purchasing 100 test strips (glucose or ketones).  The device is $40 and reduced to $0.  The glucose and ketone strips are $75 and $26, respectively.  The ketone strips are universally expensive.

What did I learn?  I’m in ketosis despite eating 80% chocolate and consuming sugar free ice cream (loaded with polyol maltiol).  Some things were news to me. For instance, my blood sugar level would rise after exercise, a result of gluconeogenesis?  Ketones would drop with exercise.  This should have been expected if they are used for fuel.  Ketones rise to maximum levels of ~ 3 mMol when I consume large amounts of olive oil and or butter. Moore and Westman are right:  if you don’t reach ketosis you need to consume more fat.  Lastly, coffee does not influence my glucose levels. I’m relieved because it is not something I’ll soon do without.