Two year anniversary post

December 16th, 2018 marks two years since I chose to change my health and size.

Top right shows my drivers license photo Nov 2013 versus Nov 2018.

I thought it fun to compare photos from 2008 and 2009 as well.  Two things are abundantly clear: Smaller face and less hair in contemporary photos.

The greater challenge going forward will be maintenance of weight loss.  Weight re-grain is extremely common.  A study funded by Novo-Norodisk and reported at says:

“… over the two years, fewer patients maintained their weight. In the modest, moderate, and high weight-loss groups, 40.0 percent, 35.9 percent, and 18.6 percent of patients, respectively, regained over half of their lost weight during the maintenance period.”

In the best-case scenario I have ~ 20% chance to regain at least half my weight loss.  Others report that it may require only 1 year to regain half of weight lost.  This is rather grim but I’m ever the optimist.

My proclamation for 2019, like the one I made on my “Fat white guy” journey is public.  I will maintain my existing (as of 2018-December-09) waist line while increasing my mass.

Star project (nee that Fat white guy) 2018-Nov-10

It has been ~ 3 months since my last Star Project update.

I started a new regimen since the last update.  Namely, working out less or resting more between workout days.   Instead of 3 on, 1 off, 3 on, I workout every other day.  The added rest between workouts has upped my strength and mass.  I’m now swinging 106 lbs of kettle bells (up from 53 lbs) and have improved my leg strength and stamina.

The weight increase has not changed my dimensions.  My clothes still fit although my pant legs fit more closely.

Cats not afraid of cucumber

Lester and Macy Gray (Right)

A colleague asked me whether my cats were afraid of cucumbers.  I have been a cat person for 25 years.  Never heard of this phenomenon but it is mentioned in TV show Rick and Morty, episode “Pickle Rick.”

My cats were truculent and pawed the cucumber.

With tongue in cheek I proclaim: Cats not afraid.  N=2 P<0.0000000000000000000052.

Star project (nee that Fat white guy) 2018-Aug-25

Star project entry 3; 2018.

HIIT.  Tabata.

On August 24th 2018 I was 174.8 lbs.   This is a -4 lbs discrepancy with the last weigh-in.

Visibly I’m the same.  My targeted mass building was dedicated to my legs and shoulders.  I can say with certainty that my legs have become bigger.  In the thigh, certain pants have become considerably tighter.  I do not have such clear indication for my shoulders.

Commutes to work have become slightly longer.  As such, my back is prone to more discomfort with the extended periods of sitting.  I’ve decreased farmers carries to a maximum of one set per week.

Last time I mentioned Tabata training.  The training regimen calls for 8 cycles, each 20 seconds long at maximal effort followed by 10 seconds of rest.  I only now reached 5-6 cycles with regular consistency with a few months of effort.  The workout was extremely hard despite being in my best shape in years.

Hack to make Hario V60 no 02 from inexpensive filters

I bought a Hario V60 ceramic pour over.  It makes some great coffee as does the Chemex and Aeropress.  The former saw a resurgence while AMC’s Breaking Bad was first run on the air.
The Hario filters are about $9 for 100.  Not particularly expensive, but not cheap.  Costco sells ‘Connaisseur’ brand filters 600 for $8. These filters are known as “GK Connaisseur Cone coffee filters-item #2630.”  They have a trapezoidal, flat bottom shape.   This is noteworthy because for less that 1/6th the price per filter, you can buy a great substitute that makes coffee, nearly indistinguishable from the original.  
The work you have to do?  Make a cardboard cut out and fold your Connaisseur filters in to shape. They fit well but not perfectly.  You’re to cut a piece of cardboard with a 90o angle.  One side will be 13.42 cm long, the other 14.17 cm long.  Regarding these measurement*:  I used Pixelmator to perform the pixel count.   They may not be perfectly accurate.  I couldn’t get ImageJ to work because MacOS High Sierra was protecting me from the installation. 
Fig.1: Hario V60 filter (top left, white), Connaisseur 2630 (right, white)  and Cardboard cut out.
Fig.2: According to the measure tape and pixel counts the left side is 13.42 cm, the right side is 14.17 cm .

Fig.3:  You will have some excess filter that is easily folded down, over the Hario dripper (top right corner).

Star project (nee that Fat white guy) 2018-Mar-19

Star project entry 2; 2018.

Eggs, meat and farmer’s carries.

On Feb 19 2018 I weighed ~ 170 lbs.  As of March 14th I pushed up to 177.8 lbs. (I started writing this post March 14th.  Work has been busy.)  As of April 25th I pushed up to 178.8 lbs.  Waist size remains the same.  Clothing that fit in the fall fits not differently today.  My target for mass increase is my upper legs and shoulders. 

How have I gained 8 lbs?  I have been loading up my frame with a 20 kg weight vest and weighted Ikea bags (medicine balls and kettlebell) and performing farmer carries until my forearms weaken, releasing my grip.   Additionally, I’ve added Tabata training to my workouts.