Baratza Virtuoso

I’m retiring the Hario + Ryobi drill.  I received a Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder as a wedding gift.  The grinder was chosen by as a best pick, rivaling a Mahlkonig grinder.

I make Chemex pour-over at home.  The grinder meets this need perfectly.  My experience with grinders is as follows:  A Bodum burr grinder, Rancillio Rocky and various grocery store branded blade grinders.  The Rocky has legendary status with coffee snobs.  The grinder was (when I bought mine in 2013) built like a tank and was easily serviceable.  It was also as big as a tank and nearly as heavy.  It was too much grinder for the volume of coffee I make.  In contrast, the Virtuoso is small, stable and a quiet. I will try to address some of the complaints I saw online regarding popular grinders (ex. at Seattle Coffee Gear etc.) How small is it?  It will fit under any standard over-counter cupboard.  It takes up the foot print of a knife block.  On my counter top at home, the grinder sits flat and stable and does not vibrate or wiggle while grinding.  This stability leads to the final point, the grinder is quiet.  Pulverizing hard objects into fine powder is noisy.  The Virtuoso grinds beans more quietly than did my Rocky.  Not surprisingly, it is considerably quieter than my Hario + drill mod.  The plastic cup does not hold much coffee grounds with static.  How much?  Less than 500 mg and likely less.  My kitchen balance doesn’t go lower.  The auto-grind feature on the right side is a bonus.  It grinds about 100 g in the when turned to maximum time.  The grind is extremely consistent.  I use settings 18 – 22.  In this grinds are consistent as reported by Sweethome.  I expect they will be least consistent at the extrema of fine and coarse grinds.

Overall:  If you want a small grinder that grinds quietly and consistently the Virtuoso is the one to buy.  In Metro Vancouver the cheapest price I found was at  on Clark.

The grounds that are released from the machine after removing the catcher cup.

For size comparison:  1 L Nalgene bottle and 6-cup Chemex next to Virtuoso.

For size comparison:  1 L Nalgene bottle and 6-cup Chemex next to Virtuoso.