That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-July-01 – sesquicentennial!!

Today’s weigh in was 172.4 lbs or 79.2 kg.

This is marks about a month at “normal” BMI and my lowest weight in almost 10 years – when the first iPhone was released!

One of the keys to progressing through the weight loss has been making sure to count calories and consume calories for my weight.

As my weight fell so did my need for calories.  This makes sense after I suffered through an extended weight loss plateau.

(Mouse over any point on the line to get weight – the x-axis is a work in progress)

In the middle of May my weight loss slowed and reversed in early June.

I was eating as though I wanted to loose weight from 200+ lbs.  When I used the FatSecret app to calculate my recommended calorie intake I was shocked that it fell by 400-500 calories.  Despite additional exercise, I was consuming 400-500 extra calories per day.  It is clear why I was stuck at the plateau.  Now that calories are measured daily I can maintain the ketosis and lose fat mass.

That’s all for now.