That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-May-03

Here’s the Wednesday weigh in.  180.6 lbs

This is down from 181 lbs.

Not much to say this week.  Still overweight.  Looking better than ever because of the Kettlebell swinging.

In a future post I’ll be posting side-by-side of present day me and December 2016 me.

Edit May 4th 2017:

I weighed myself today and learned I’ve broken into the 170s.

Weight:  179.8 lbs.   This puts me 1.8 lbs from “normal” weight according to the WHO BMI metric.

Before and now (because I’m not done just yet).

December 06th 2016.
~ 225 lbs

May 04th 2017
179.8 lbs