Baby on board signage

If you have a baby on board sign on your rear windshield, give your head a shake.

In all the conversations I’ve ever had with drivers, no person has ever said “I wanted to run that car off the  road.”  Not once!

More so, no one has ever said to me “I was preparing to run them off the road when I saw they had a ‘baby on board’ sign – I immediately changed my mind, and went on my way.” Not once!

I’m convinced that these signs are sold because new parents are impressionable and extremely tired.
There is a scene in Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club that captured the feeling of the sleepless parent.

A copy of a copy.  Things as everyone sees them,  are still there.  They are there but they are increasingly difficult decipher.  So here’s my word of advice for parents.  Don’t buy that stupid baby on board sign.  Your baby on board is your mini-van, station wagon (my case) or SUV.  Your baby on board sign is the giant car seat then booster seat that is federally mandated until the kids start University studies.

Now that my twins are almost five my sleep is coming back.  My brain is recharging.  So sleepless parent, your copy-of-a-copy waking dream will eventually end and you’ll sleep again.  The fantastic part is that you feel smart again.  Albeit you’re probably less smart than when you started parenting, you’re just less stupid feeling.