That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Mar-08

Today’s weigh in.

190.8 lbs or 86.5 kg.  Almost zero weight lost.

Not every week will a new milestone be reached.

Measurements help provide perspective and keep me encouraged.  In the pictures below I am wearing the same dress shirt and jeans that differ by two waist sizes.  Note the fabric in the 2011 image.  Around button number 3 there is considerable fabric stretch/straining.   Note in the 2017 image.  The shirt looks loose.  The belt region in the 2011 has significant amounts of ‘extra man (TM).’  The 2017 has visibly less ‘extra man’ around the belt region.

Nov 16, 2011.

Mar 06, 2017 – +Chris Ambrose, the radioactivity sign.