Probably because you’re less fat … 2017 – Mar – 02 – FWG

Some interesting changes are occurring.  To-date I lost 1 inch from my neck; 3 inches from my waste;  nothing from my chest and back and my cheekbones are making a comeback.  These changes are highly visible.  The slimmer neck makes my shoulders look bigger and my chin is more pronounced. There is nothing groundbreaking about this information.  Except.  Except that I’m treated a little differently now.  You don’t realize you’re gaining weight because the creep is slow and humans are generally terrible at assessing change over time.  Completely unknown to me at the time, as my weight crept upward, I was experiencing fat treatment.  People were more curt with me.  Servers took orders and brought food and little else.  Baristas were neutral.  Now things are different.  I’m still the same person.  I still have my eccentricities, bad habits, and general me-ness.  I’m treated more nicely.  The server at a restaurant yesterday made small talk with me, joked about how critical I was of restaurant coffee (it normally tastes like the filter was a dirty sock).  The walks I normally take have several people making and sustaining eye contact (not the hostile kind or give me money kind).  The lady at Starbucks told me “I missed you.”  What? Is it possible all of these people got raises/won the lottery/found out their exes became ugly and senile simultaneously in the same few weeks?  Possible but unlikely.

We say we want as much inclusion as possible.  Everyone is equal.  The truth is, we live with social tiers.  Fatness is, at least for my distended body, a liability.  The fatties are bumped down a tier.  If we were to treat others differently based on sexual orientation, race, gender identity or religion it would be newsworthy.  This makes even more sense in Vancouver where people brag about their times up the Grouse Grind and the intensity of their hot yoga class.  While it is perfectly acceptable to be attracted to certain body types ,  I’m dumbfounded that you can be treated more nicely by being slightly thinner.