That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Mar-29

Wednesday weigh in once again.

My weight is 186.6 lbs or 84.6 kg.

Last week’s weight was 187.2 lbs.

Despite being certain to consume less than 25 g of carbohydrates a date and less than 10 g of sugar my weight seems to be stabilizing.

Last week I mentioned addition of body measurements.  

Here I’ve included my measurements neck, chest and waist since January 18 2017.
You’ll see that my waist lost 4″ since my FWG.  I’m also reminded of a periodicity with the weight loss.  It seems to move along a 2-3 week cycle.  Examine Feb 2 2017 to Feb 22 2017.  This period represents a 6 lbs drop in weight.

Went to see a fantastic seminar

Sometimes I will go to a seminar and expect nothing.  This was not the case yesterday at the Michael Smith Labs seminar.

I saw a talk of Joelle Pelletier.  She presented fantastic work on enzyme engineering.  Studying P450s she and her team showed that the substrates have preferred paths of travel inside at and then through an enzyme.

A point that I grasped or understood less was the evolution of protein dynamics.  Roughly paraphrasing (and likely getting wrong) it seems as though when a residue is changed at a given site in an enzyme it has a knock-on effect; changing the way the protein moves, vibrates or flexes.  This change is different whether we look at picoseconds, nanoseconds, microseconds or milliseconds.

My thanks to the Land and Food systems weekly mailer for apprising me of this great talk.
If you are at a University and hope see her name at a speaking engagement I recommend you go check out her research.

Behold: Rex Pepperton

I’m back on Xbox Live.

Finally got my Xbox One and I’m bak to eliminating the Locust from the Universe.

Now I have to figure out how to hide my gamer tag “Rex Pepperton” from Microsoft Office.  For some reason I think it comes across as weird when my track changes comments are by “Rex Pepperton.”  WTF MS?

I’ve closed my Google Analytics account

When Chris Ambrose and I conceived the Techinar (technical seminar) UBC botany more than 7 years ago we were excited to use Google Analytics (GA). We could monitor interest in different Techinars over time (decide what to deliver), monitor interest after the timed release of Techinar announcements (decide when to deliver our message). I loosely say ‘we.’ I did a lot of this work on my own and I remained a good deal of the leg work until we gave up the seminar. What I didn’t know at the time is that I was using a burgeoning field of big data (in the littlest sense of big data). As an extension I took to adding GA tracking to my personal and my twins’ websites.

 But no more as of this month.

Some of the my key GA findings:

 The most users visiting my personal sites were from the US Often from .EDU network domains

Most visits from the Lower Mainland of BC originate from Coquitlam Most visits from the Lower

Mainland of BC use Samsung mobile devices

Teksavvy is over represented among Canadian ISPs The Fat white guy posts are the most popular posts.

So? So this isn’t my information to have.   I’m happy that others may want to read and or share my opinions. There feels something wrong with collecting information about the visitors to my site. I give up any spying on my visitors. If you are compelled by any information I write or share please consider donating to the BC Women’s and Children’s hospital foundation.  These people are responsible for saving Megan, George and Henry.  They are responsible for a hernia repair, adenoid and tonsil removal, and repairing a broken arm.

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Mar-22

Wednesday weigh in!

Today’s weight is 187.2 lbs | 84.9 kg.  Last weight in was 188.6 lbs.

I recently read Gary Taubes’ Why we get fat, the book previous to The case against sugar.  Toward the end of the book I was made aware of the work that, locally Dr. Jay Wortman is doing at UBC.
Dr. Jay Wortman is researching low/no carbohydrate diets to aid aboriginal dietary health problems (i.e. diabetes) – his work indicates it can and does help.