Megan bought for me a set of Tiles last Christmas.  Tile is a bluetooth tracker that you can attach to keys, bags, inside a wallet/purse etc.  You use an app to ring your Tile, providing the location of your missing keys/bags/wallet/purse.  The Tile works backwards as well.  Pushing the ‘E’ of the Tile logo on a the device rings your phone even if the ringer is off.  

At first I was concerned about the privacy implications of a company knowing where I was at any give time.   But then again … the Prism surveillance program and the Five Eyes.  The privacy implications of using Tile are discussed elsewhere.  It is noteworthy that a review of internet-of-things trackers showed Tile was the least negligent with user privacy.  Privacy concerns aside I lose my stuff regularly.

I leave my keys, wallet and phone all around my home.  It actually costs time and money when I leave for work late or drop the kids off at daycare late.  Megan’s gift is more than thoughtful.  It saves time and prevents stress.  I even leave a Tile in my car to help me find my car in parking lots (you need to be about 100 feet from your car). This beats activating the panic alarm to identify whether my car is on level 4 or 5 of my regular parkade.  I hope to implement Tile when my lab group moves in order to find common keys.  Given that our privacy vanished long ago, and Tile does a reasonable job guarding user information, I think the utility of finding my keys or wallet instantly is well worth the small additional privacy sacrifice.