That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Feb-28

Weigh in this morning:  193.2 lbs.

This represents a drop of 6 lbs in the 15 days since I hit 199.6 lbs.

Weight loss is slowing

The downside seems to be the slope of the graph between Feb 14 and Feb 21.  The weight loss is slowing tremendously.  Since I’m counting calories daily and maintaining my ratio of 70%, 25% fat, protein I can guess the slow down is coming from 1.  Increased body mass exercises (i.e. pushups, squats, bearwalk).  There is some support for this hypothesis:  My my upper and lower legs are more dense and showing increasing definition.  2.  A metabolic plateau.  I don’t like this explanation.  It tends to put to much weight (oh yes the puns!) on external factors.  
When I exam my BMI I get ‘overweight.’  Yes, hence the title ” fat white guy. “
The graphic below shows that at this time, I’m just outside the “normal” BMI according to the WHO. 
WHO to Allan:  Still too heavy bud.  Keep it up!

What next?  I’m hoping to hit 185 lbs by the beginning of April 2017 (first week or so).  It may also become less accurate to measure mass alone.  I am also going to start measuring my waist line, neck and chest.  On this note, I now require size 32 jeans versus size 34.

because s/he’s always unhappy

My drive home from the daycare was eventful.

My boys found invitations to a birthday party dated January 2017 in their messy daycare cubbies.  The parents of the child having the birthday (henceforth birthday child) split up at some time unknown to me.  I asked my boys whether the birthday child is a happy child.  They both answered “No! s/he’s always unhappy.” They were emphatic for four year olds describing sadness.  They said that birthday child longs to have his parents together and this is why George thinks there is sadness:   “Birthday child wants to live with both parents,” explained Henry.   I’m proud that the twins have empathy.

As we went on in the car George explained how he wanted his mommy and daddy together:  “I would be sad if we weren’t (the family) together.  We should live in the same house.”  I’m not particularly weepy but his fear touched a nerve.  I explained to George and to Henry that both of birthday child’s parents love birthday child very much.  The relationship dissolved between birthday child’s parents.  It does not mean that each parent does not love birthday child.  The twins intertwined togetherness and love to the point where parental separation became an issue of parents loving children.  How can I not love my kids?  I have to listen about robots in my safe and reliable, hybrid family car while refereeing fights about whether ‘only good guys get presents at Christmas.’  It was easy to see where issues about parental separation get their start.  As tyrannical and barbaric as they often are, my little men are fragile.  It was surprising to see them afraid for something in the realm of possibility, instead of fearing monsters or creaking floor boards.

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Feb-22

I met with two old friends this past week.  They have not seen me since well before December 15 2016 when I started my FWG journey.

They looked me over suspiciously, nervously even, and did not want to share their opinion of what they saw.  The conversations ended pleasantly but and they both said something to the effect ‘ I noticed the weight loss … didn’t want to say anything.’

The Funny thing about being overweight is that you’re not a vampire – you can see your reflection in mirrors.  I’m so intrigued by this irrational nervousness that I’m going to research how many fat persons have injured others after receiving a weight loss compliment.

Today’s weigh in showed the scale at 194 lbs or 88 kg.
The weight loss since last week is ~ 5 lbs.

My weight over ~ 1 month – Also:  WTF Koodo???

I attribute hastened loss to two details:
Calorie tracking with app, FatSecret and increased activity with a regular walk and  push up challenge

Overall I have fewer ‘hours’ whereby my blood sugar falls to the point of diminished mental capacity. At the same time, I maintain 2500 calories per day.

For my metabolism/biochemistry it seems that no refined sugar and flour + moderate exercise reduces body mass quickly.

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Feb-15

Weighed in this morning at 199.6 lbs.  Down 3 lbs since Feb 1 2017.  Total weight lost is about 25 lbs.  This is my lowest weight since 2008-2009.  

Almost 25 lbs lost.

Here is a shot of my calorie tracking app Fatsecret.  I’m trying to consume only (5%) 20 g of carbohydrates per day and 75%, 20% fat and protein.  I will have to increase the protein if I try more strenuous exercise.

Macronutrient amounts consumed are shown under “Total” of 2100 calories consumed.  


Megan bought for me a set of Tiles last Christmas.  Tile is a bluetooth tracker that you can attach to keys, bags, inside a wallet/purse etc.  You use an app to ring your Tile, providing the location of your missing keys/bags/wallet/purse.  The Tile works backwards as well.  Pushing the ‘E’ of the Tile logo on a the device rings your phone even if the ringer is off.  

At first I was concerned about the privacy implications of a company knowing where I was at any give time.   But then again … the Prism surveillance program and the Five Eyes.  The privacy implications of using Tile are discussed elsewhere.  It is noteworthy that a review of internet-of-things trackers showed Tile was the least negligent with user privacy.  Privacy concerns aside I lose my stuff regularly.

I leave my keys, wallet and phone all around my home.  It actually costs time and money when I leave for work late or drop the kids off at daycare late.  Megan’s gift is more than thoughtful.  It saves time and prevents stress.  I even leave a Tile in my car to help me find my car in parking lots (you need to be about 100 feet from your car). This beats activating the panic alarm to identify whether my car is on level 4 or 5 of my regular parkade.  I hope to implement Tile when my lab group moves in order to find common keys.  Given that our privacy vanished long ago, and Tile does a reasonable job guarding user information, I think the utility of finding my keys or wallet instantly is well worth the small additional privacy sacrifice.

Backwards, bizarro political expectations: He did what he said he would do!!

A shock and awe styled political spectrum has developed around the 2017 US presidency.  Facts are skewed often, policy is generated inexplicably, decisions appear to be made hastily and what is most shocking – most surprising – earth shaking:  We (observers of American political theatre) are shocked that promises are being kept.

In May 2012 my partner and I went to Los Angeles.  We stayed in the subdued Thousand Oaks suburb.  We drove the I5 to San Rafael in Marin County where we would stay with family after seeing the Los Angeles area.  The drive along the I5 was lined with farmland growing a sizeable chunk of California’s exports.

In the fields deeply tanned men with black facial hair were bent over in the soil.  Often they would have, what looked like soaked hoodies covering their necks from the unrelenting sun.  The jobs are hard manual labor that many pampered North Americans, myself included, would eschew. Many of these workers are migrants.

The New York Times reports: California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers.

 “If you only have legal labor, certain parts of this industry and this region will not exist,” said Harold McClarty, a fourth-generation farmer in Kingsburg whose operation grows, packs and ships peaches, plums and grapes throughout the country. “If we sent all these people back, it would be a total disaster.”   [my emphasis].

“A total disaster” would be had because farmers like McClarty did not know that their unabashedly anti-immigration presidential pick would actually enact anti-immigrant policies.  The state of politics in  United States and in Canada is one where we listen to our politicians wax on politically correct with zero-content and know all the while they will do as they wish and not as they promise.  Along comes a demagogue president and his supporters are shocked that he followed through on his promise of anti-immigration policies.  An anti-immigration sentiment is a terrible way to lead the free world.  However, north of the border,  Prime minister Justin Trudeau abandoned Canadian electoral reform, breaking a key campaign promise.   Thanks for maintaining the status quo Mr. Trudeau.  Perhaps this is all a good thing.  Perhaps we need this cataclysmic presidency to finally drive mainstream politics off the cliff and rebuild it into something resembling evidence based, reason based, accountable governance.