Butter coffee

Most people have heard of Bulletproof coffee.  It’s a sherpa-inspired tea drink that exploded in Silicon Valley a number of years ago.  The Bulletproof brand is “mycotoxin-free” coffee (???), medium chain triglycerides and butter. 

It appears as a green-yellow oil slick on my coffee

Butter is the bacon of dairy!  I don’t know if butter can make anything worse.  With my biases in mind I took the plunge.  I skipped the mycotoxin-free coffee and used my standard issue coffee.  It sounded like one-part hippie magic and one-part Wakefieldian science.  The roasting and brewing process destroys most, if not all mycotoxins.  I sliced off the equivalent of two tablespoons of butter into my coffee, mixed and then added water to the desired volume. 

What’s it like?  A delicious oil-slick.  The butter mostly forms a phase over the coffee.  The first few sips are decadent and rich – the butter tends to give my coffee a nutty flavor, not a negative quality. 

I don’t use this beverage in place of a breakfast; it is used as an addition.  I can’t  tell if this concoction makes me more focused.  It does seem to make me feel warmer and sweatier than a regular cup of joe.  The extra calories are saiting and my A.M blood sugar is even until 13:00.