That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar 2017-December-20

This will be the last post for the year.  Today’s weigh-in is 175.6 lbs  The BMI for this mass is 25.  This puts me on the borderline for overweight status.   The increase in mass came without an increase in waist circumference.  This is yet another reminder that BMI is a terrible indicator health/fitness.

This month I incorporated weighted vest training (Fitness Town Burnaby you guys are great!) to increase the physical challenge of body mass exercises.  I have completed two workouts with the vest.  I will report back after more workouts.

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar 2017-December-03

A One year review:

A year ago Meg and I went to Las Vegas.   We neglected that our passports were expired.  This is the rush passport photo that started some self-reflection.  Approximately one year ago my photo looked as such:

December 2016 ~ 220 lbs; BMI = 31

This photo will be in my 10 year passport to remind me of my appearance.  This photo was fresh in my mind when I read The Case Against Sugar.

May 2017 ~ 180 lbs; BMI = 25

December 2017 ~ 172 lbs; BMI = 24;
> 8 inches lost from waist.

Here I am less than one month after starting kettle bell training.

Here I am today.  I would argue that the difference from 180 to 172 lbs is as great as the difference from ~ 220 to 180 lbs.  My cardiovascular capacity is vastly improved.  My body composition has shifted considerably from fat.   My legs are considerably stronger and more dense.   My legs have contributed to the increase in mass.

What is most fascinating about the change in my body composition is the  idea of “starving obesity”.  This is not my idea and is discussed by each Taubes and Volek in their respective works.  The distilled idea is that fatness is caused by greedy adipocytes stealing energy for their proliferation, and, to the detriment of the host/animal.  Spiking insulin promotes anabolism of fat which siphons energy causing lethargy, promoting inactivity and increasing fatness.  This spiral of starvation and lethargy is broken by intervening at insulin.  Eating in a way that keeps insulin from spiking breaks spiral allowing fat to be used for energy.  Not only has this way of eating improved my health but that of my parents.  My mother has experienced a reduction in her medications for metabolic syndrome related issues.  The idea that adipocytes can hijack biochemistry for their nefarious proliferation may explain why high sugar, low fat eating has led to more obesity.

My sincerest thanks go to Jon for calling me “that fat white guy” and not referring to me by name.  I presume your comment was not intended to be helpful … I win.

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Nov-09

Today is a special day.
I weighed in and hit 173.2 lbs.

I am, according to the BMI scale, just about to be “overweight” once again. (BMI 24.2 vs 25.0)

I’m not worried at all.  I think it reflects how poor BMI is at gauging body density. 

The biggest change in the past two months was the move of Creatus and my daily cycle to work.  If anything, my legs have gained weight, becoming denser.  My waist size has not changed and my clothes are fitting well. 

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Oct-26

Today’s weigh : 174 lbs.  This marks 6 lbs increase over a low of ~ 168 lbs.

My waist size is falling and jeans of size 30 fit loosely now.  The measurements around my waist and chest have increased, up to 0.65 cm.  The most marked improvement is speed and strength.  Jumping rope, plus kettlebell training has noticeably improved my wellbeing.  I can perform half-get-ups with my 53 lbs kettlebell (where you finish on one knee versus standing on two feet).  My time to cycle both, to work and the kids’ school is consistently decreasing, 7-8 minutes and 37 minutes, respectively.

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar – 2017-Sept-28

Wednesday weigh-in

168.4 lbs.

Mostly unchanged since last week.  Upon writing about my 53 lbs kettle bell I linked a Youtube clip:

She is 3/4 my mass and does getups with heavier kettle bells!
This woman does half her mass for getups.  I started with my baby bell of 31 lbs.  Just a few work outs in and I can feel the changes my back and shoulders.  Well worth the extra slow starts on the mornings after. 

Using a Windows 10 machine at work – Alfred App devs listen up!

At our new Creatus site we’re using Windows 10 machines.

I’m happy to say that some software works a little better on Windows than on Mac OS Sierra (the last one I was using before I turned in my MacBook Pro). 

Here’s the thing: I want to use a Mac at work.  Not because it is better or prettier or just works.  In honesty.  My Macbook Pro was (2015, 128 GB, 16 GB RAM) was a lemon.  It found every reason to crash or freeze after sleeping.  Yes Apple Care, blah, blah.  I needed a production computer to keep my workflow going.  My personal machine, a Macbook Air (2013, 11″), a cheaper, less premium computer was stellar and a pleasure to use. 

Yes …

Alfred app.  Alfred app is a launcher, searcher, short-cutter, clip-board remembering, Swiss army knife of everything we do at our computers everyday.  It also has dozens of plugins or workflows that expand its utility. Let’s say I order primers.  I can highlight and copy the order number then with a shortcut of my choosing I can generate an email to a colleague referencing the order, order number and date on which said order is placed.  Sounds trivial but do that over and over and you appreciate automation of things that are important but not critical.

Andrew, Vero (the devs) please consider bringing your software incredibly useful piece of software to Windows.  I know it won’t be easy but there is a demand.  Consider me your first order, I would gladly buy the power pack again for Windows and I know others that would do the same.