Arq backup: Saved me again!

I’m working on a presentation for work.

Sometime between 16:44 Friday Dec 2nd  and this morning a number of new data tabs in a large excel sheet were missing.  Drive to work or live better through technology?

I was saved yet again by Arq Backup.  I opened Arq.  Looked for the files backed up just before Dec 2nd at 16:44.  Enter my encryption password and 30 seconds later I’m back baby!

Not only is my data saved with multiple online providers, my data is also encrypted and only accessible by me and a very long encryption password.

Go buy Arq Backup.  Works on Windows and Mac.

Just remember.  This program does not provide data.  Just a rock-solid backup engine that works with almost everything worth using [ c’mon Stefan add B2 already 🙂 ].

Please note: I bought this software with my own money (see below for redacted invoice)