Hario grinder drill modification

I’m not the first and will not be the last to modify the Hario Skerton grinder.  The Hario Skerton is a terrific manual, ceramic burr grinder with a following by coffee aficionados.

Unfortunately it takes a good deal of effort to grind enough coffee for 5 Aeropress scoops (yes, I plan ahead and grind more coffee than I need). To turn this fantastic, but slow grinder into a fast electric grinder you’ll need a few items.

This is a Japanese grinder and all the hardware is metric.  You’ll find metric hardware at an automotive parts supplier.  Don’t go to a hardware store like I did.

10 mm acorn nut
10 mm hexagonal ratchet socket
2x 5 mm washers
A drill bit ratchet adapter
A drill with variable speed

You’ll need to remove the screw and handle from the grinder.  This is as simple as removing the thumb screw and pulling off the handle.

Two washers and an acorn nut

Next stack and place the two washers the drive shaft.  Then place and tighten the acorn nut onto the drive shaft.

They spinnin’ !!

Finally use your socket and drill bit adapter to spin the acorn nut in place of manual labor.
The materials, excluding the drill (I had one already) were under $10 CA .

Finished product.